I am Shawn, the founder and chief executive of EDUTOP.

Graduated from Trinity Grammar School, I enrolled in Environment Engineering at the University of Melbourne, dreaming in that field, I would be able to make contributions to humanity. Yet gradually I realised that I would be able to do more in Education because this is where my real passion is.

Thereafter, I devoted all my time and soul into this area. As a certified teacher, I have taught English and EAL at the primary and high school, university and adult levels for almost 8 years.I believe teaching is a voyage where students and myself learn and grow together. This is the motto of myself and EDUTOP. Teachers and staff work in EDUTOP all identify with this, which is why we would be able to help that many students since the foundation of EDUTOP. I’m committed to bringing students more quality learning experience and enhancing their wellbeing.



We are an Australia-based global education institution. For over 10 years, we have helped thousands of students foster their literacy, literature and numeracy skills. Our mission is to inspire our later generations to reflect the dynamic needs of a rapidly automating and ever-changing world.



Tailored Program

EDUTOP provides interactive courses personalised to every child’s learning preferences.

Professional Teachers

EDUTOP teachers are experienced and qualified who understand every child’s needs.

Teach With Love

EDUTOP cares about your child’s wellbeing to ensure they have a safe learning environment.

Free Assessment

EDUTOP offers the initial assessment free-of-charge to better fill your child’s learning gaps.

Comprehensive Support

EDUTOP ‘s reporting system enables you to track your child’s progress.

Cloud Classroom

EDUTOP provides real-time online teaching which has no difference to our face-to-face programs.

Our philosophy:

We believe:

Education fulfils children’s potential as global citizens.

Learning materials are designed in a student-centred manner.

Courses are delivered in a personal style.

Good learning should be fun and motivational!