My name is J. I am currently studying at Korowa Anglican Girl’s School. I began my AAS Scholarship Test Prep Course at EDUTOP from May 2019. With the support and help from my teachers in 10 months-time, my weaknesses in literature and English were clearly identified, and even I learned how to turn them into my strengths. My reading comprehension, written expression and critical thinking skills have been improved significantly and I finally got the scholarship from Korowa successfully this year. I believe all these cannot be done without my teachers.

You can call me G. My school is Presbyterian Ladies’ College. My mum found EDUTOP in early 2019 and hoped my narrative writing and other essential techniques for scholarship tests could be enhanced. After my initial placement test, I got a personalized study plan from teacher Anita and Shawn. Through the guidance from my English and maths teachers, I was able to get more correct answers in reading tasks and learned how to master different text types in writing. I felt very confident before the actual test this year and I got Year 7 scholarship for PLC this year. Thank you!

R is a Year 6 student. In October 2019, R and his mum came to EDUTOP for assistance to acquire a satisfactory AEAS score so as to be admitted by a private school. He had, at that time, been in Australia for only several months. To start, EDUTOP teachers helped him find a school that he was interested in and also helped him know when to take AEAS test. He was also given a mock AEAS test to decide his study plan. The plan covered five essential parts in the test: listening, speaking, reading, writing and vocabulary. During the process of preparation, teachers first guided him to lay a solid English foundation, and then improved his English reading and writing levels, meanwhile demonstrating a broader range of vocabulary and grammatical structures. He was successfully admitted by his dream school, and his English skills, since then, have been gradually but constantly improving, especially his reading and writing skills, which ensures his good academic performance in his school.