Soft Landing Course

Our Soft-Landing course is made up of three distinct program options, each designed to meet the needs of students at different stages of learning and development.


The Early Literacy Program (ELP) is designed for lower-primary local students and EAL students who need to learn English basics, phonics, reading and spelling skills. The levelled reading intervention program is part of this course.


The Elite Program (EP) is designed for higher-primary students who need to improve reading, writing, language convention, etc.


The Advanced Training Program (ATP) is designed for secondary students who need to learn language analysis skills and the ability to write in different text types.


Our Soft-Landing course is also suitable for EAL students who are willing to study in Australia or having troubles finding a sense of belonging in Australian schools, especially due to language barriers.

School Prep Course

Our School prep course has been developed and tailored for EAL students who require not only English language improvement, but also an enhanced understanding of Australian culture and schooling.


We facilitate students’ critical thinking and independent learning skills, which are lacking in many Asian countries’ education systems. 


As the course is customised to every individual, a language and numeracy evaluation needs to be undertaken before we are able to design the course plan. 


Students receive regular reports and testing as part of our tracking system.

VCE Prep Course

This course is designed and personalised by top ATAR achievers, teachers and subject experts who specialise in the field of the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). 

It provides students with targeted needs (including SAC stage exams, college entrance examinations and daily assignments) for success.


Some of the courses we offer include English, EAL – English Second Language, Japanese as a secondary language, Chinese as a first language, Math Methods, Specialist Maths ,Chemistry, Physics, etc.


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